"My daughter and I have been breeding and raising Whippets for almost 20 years. We picked the EZ MATIC Pet Door® since it looked like the best available for our purpose. Our 5 and 6 week old Whippet pups and the Italian Greyhounds use the same door with ease. The rubber panels close tightly after the dogs go through, so no cold air comes into the house in winter, or warm air in summer. We are absolutely delighted with this door."  - Bernice Bangs -- St. Louis, MO


"I would like to thank you for your kindness and speedy service when I need a replacement panel kit for my EZ MATIC Pet Door®. In the 5-1/2 years that we've had this door, it has been trouble free. I certainly would recommend the EZ MATIC Pet Door® to any pet owner."  - Chester W. Barnes -- Louisville, KY


"I have used EZ MATIC Pet Door® for roughly 10 years and needless to say, that speaks for itself. They keep out the cold in winter and heat and insects in summer. They are so easy to use. Twice used and my puppies are trained. I've never had a dog hurt while doing through the door. I will continue to use EZ MATIC Pet Door® for as long as I have dogs." --Frankie L. Gillespie -- Albuquerque, NM


"Being a very satisfied customer, I highly recommend the EZ MATIC Pet Door® to all pet owners. The door is easily installed and the convenience of the pet going in or out at will solves a problem for me. I am an elderl woman... saves many steps. The EZ MATIC Pet Door® effectively controls flies and mosquitoes. I also appreciate the fast service when ordering new doors or replacement panels."  - Faun Wish -- Brodhead, WI


"It is such a pleasure, in this day and age, to find a product that does what it claims to do, and at a fair price. Such is the EZ MATIC Pet Door.® I used to work crazy hours, and I kept collecting stray dogs. I felt that a pet door would be the solution and tried several, none of which satisfied me, I was genuinely surprised when your product did the trick. I want to thank you for a great product."  

- Joan P. McLean (Mr. Cow Mightly Mouse, Little Stranger and Nemesis) -- Grand Island, NY


"I have used almost all of the doors on the market and find EZ MATIC Pet Door® perform the best. They are easiest to train the dogs to use, as they are softer on the dog's face. No hair wears on the show dogs and it does a more than adequate job against the weather."

-Timothy P. Cronin -- Heritage Farm -- Anchorage, Alaska


"We are building our dream home with a large kennel room as part of the house. We have had EZ MATIC Pet Door® since 1966. We sent to a place in California that advertised they had the largest selection of pet doors anywhere. Well, they had at least 20 different kinds, but none that would fit our needs. So, we are ordering 3 new EZ MATIC Pet Door® for our new home. They keep the cold out in the winter and bugs out in the summer. They seem to sweep the mosquitoes right off the dogs when they pass through."

-Benny and Jackie Joy -- Joydane Kennels -- Anchorage, Alaska


"The very first door I got from you, is still on the front door. That door has never been repaired. It is used by all my dogs. They are in and out at least 20 times a day." - Sgt. Thomas G. Spegar -- Augusta, GA